This is The Hotel Kaveka, French Polynesia's Best Vacation Value for more than 35 years. Come and explore our island paradise and discover a world you've only dreamed of until now. We Offer Secure Reservations On-Line 24 & 7, 365 days a year and toll free reservations from the United States at 1-877-354-5902. Family owned and operated, The Hotel Kaveka offers incredible value for discerning travelers from around the world. Nobody knows Moorea better than our team of professionals at The Hotel Kaveka. Book your tours with our hand picked tour certified guides and discover the hidden secrets of our island paradise. Portable televisions with local reception are in all of our bungalows along with a mini refrigerator and air conditioning.

Kaveka Questions & Answers

Part 1

"We receive thousands of E-mails every month and MOST of the questions are answered here. If you have made confirmed reservations with The Kaveka, and your question isn't answered here, just E-mail us and we will do our best to find you an answer.

Q: Where are you?

A: If you mean The Hotel Kaveka ... we are on the island of Moorea in the South Pacific region known as French Polynesia. We are a little over 10 miles across The Sea of The Moon, west of the island of Tahiti. We are slightly more than 3,800 miles from Los Angeles (about 8 hours flight time from California) and 2400 or so miles from Auckland, New Zealand.

Q: Do we need to bring our own linens and beach towels?

A: No. Some travel publications mention such for local lodging that provides only a room for rent. The Hotel Kaveka is a hotel with all of that you need. Beach towels are available at our front reception desk for guest use at the hotel.

Q: Can I get my E mail at the hotel?

A: Yes. The Hotel Kaveka provides Internet access in our main lobby at nominal fees for hotel guests. For security reasons you will need an account with Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. as we can not provide you use of Outlook or other mail programs that require your local POP and SMTP settings on our own computers. The EXCEPTION is that your own portable computer with Wi-Fi can use our Kaveka Hotspot connection in the hotel lobby. If you have to receive an important message, just have them Email: guest@hotel kaveka.com and include their last name. We'll get the message to your bungalow.

Q: How big is Moorea?

A: Moorea is about 40 miles around in a winding road around the bays and lagoons. We can boast there are no stop lights and less than a handful of gas stations.

Q: What is the public transportation like?

A: Moorea has very limited public transportation and it's less than reliable for tourists. Le Trucks or old buses circle most of the island to match ferry service but they are often full or late.

Q: What are the taxi rates?

A: From the airport or ferry dock half-way around the island, you can expect to pay at least $35 each way, late at night it can be at least twice as much.

Q: We are thinking about a car rental, how much is gas?

A: The exchange rate changes often these days ... right now it's over $5.50 a gallon and going higher with additional taxes. Locals pay the same rate and Americans are often surprised at the cost of fuel.

Part 2

Q: Are there refrigerators and coffee makers in the rooms?

A: Yes and No. Our very traditional Tahitian bungalows were never intended for the storage of food or a place for eating. Our tropical environment is conducive to many insects and vermin when food particles are left in the rooms. The consumption of food in your room is strictly prohibited. Mini refrigerators for liquids are in each bungalow and ice buckets are available at the front desk for hotel guests. Local fire codes preclude cooking appliances in our bungalows.

Q: Can I use my hair dryer with a converter?

A: Possibly. Check at the front desk first. Many such converters don\'t work with our 220vac 60 Hz system and blow the bungalow electrical breakers.

Q: My camera needs a 110volt outlet, do you have one?

A: Yes. In the main lobby we have a special regulated 110vac junction for hotel guest to use for their cameras.

Q: Do your rooms have TVs and radios?

A: Yes and No. We do provide televisions with local reception in each bungalow but no radios or telephones.

Q: Does Moorea have cash machines?

A: Yes. Bank cash machines are located in three main locations around the island. Only the main banks in the district of Maharepa can provide cash advances on your credit card.

Q: What is Moorea's time zone?

A: Moorea is in the same time zone as Hawaii in the United States. We are 3 hours from the west coast of the U.S. during the summer and 2 hours during non-daylight savings time.

Q: Can I call long distance from your hotel?

A: Yes, but our surcharge is expensive. We suggest you purchase a local pre-paid calling card that can be used in all phone booths around the island for less than a dollar a minute.

Q: Does Moorea have many tourists?

A: Not so as you could say. To compare, in an average year Moorea might see perhaps 100,000 tourists. Hawaii sees on average a quarter of a million tourists in a week!

Q: How many people live on Moorea?

A: It changes from year to year but official figures are between 10,000 and 15,000 fulltime residents. About 75% are Polynesian the balance are mostly European, Chinese and a few Americans.

Part 3

Q: If we want to stay longer, how long can we stay?

A: At the Kaveka we would have to help you find other rooms as we are most always booked in advance. As a tourist from America you are limited to a month without a special visa.

Q: What's the truth about tipping?

A: Tahitians do not expect a tip for their services. It's a proud tradition. We do suggest there are times when extraordinary service deserves a tip and Tahitians will not be offended with a discreet offering from you.

Q: How many people can we get in a bungalow?

A: Standing up? Just kidding, it's a common question. All of our bungalows have a double and a single bed. A few bungalows have space for two single beds if you are bringing along children.

Q: We get into Tahiti late at night, what’s the best way to get there?

A: There isn't a way. You'll need to spend the night in Tahiti and then catch a fast ferry to Moorea the next day.

Q: Do you provide snorkel gear or should we bring our own?

A: We have snorkel masks available for our guests but no fins. You don't really need them as the fish come to you in the lagoon around the Kaveka.

Q: What kind of tours do you offer?

A: The Kaveka doesn't do tours. Instead we use only professional providers that meet our high standards of service and value. We'll share with you out Top Ten List of Must Do Tours when you check into the hotel.

Q: Can I use my personal cell phone on Moorea?

A: Many American phones won't work since French Polynesia uses the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology. All Europeans and most Australians use GSM. Call your wireless company to see if your phone is GSM. If you do have a GSM phone, you may be able to use it in the islands if your home provider has a roaming agreement with Vini (tel. 48.13.13; www.vini.pf), the sole local cellphone company (until 2009, when it will be joined by Mara Telecom). Vodophone is the newest provider in French Polynesia. Call your wireless operator and ask for "international roaming" to be activated for French Polynesia. You can get around this if (1) your GSM phone transmits and receives on the 900mHz band; (2) it has been "unlocked" from its SIM card, the removable computer chip that stores your and your provider's information; and (3) you buy a local SIM card from Vini or Vodophone. Prepaid SIM cards are available at stores displaying the VINI or Vodophone sign in various minute amounts. Your international calls will use up your time quickly

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Our lunchs are an island favorite - extensive menu & great wine selection

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Weekly live entertainment with local talent and great photo opportunities

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For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Our Over Water Dining Is Moorea's Best

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On Cook's Bay & The Kaveka's Pier is the best place for photo memories

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Our Over Water dining features an astounding selection of sumptuous meals ... from the freshest seafood to mouth watering steaks and of course traditional Tahitian favorites. Add our exceptional personal service for a perfect vacation.

Make the time to discover all you can about Moorea before your journey of a lifetime. Should you bless our distant shores, wherever you may make your lodging, stop by The Hotel Kaveka and say hello; in Tahitian, Ia orana!

We know your vacation on Moorea will add life to your years and it's a privilege to be here for you! Unlike other hotels ... All of out rates include government, sales, and municipal taxes. Children under 10 sharing bungalow with parents stay for free.

Days at The Kaveka are uncomplicated and simple. Our Life here isn't measured by days or length of years or the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

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